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Where Do We Go From Here?

Your Next Step After Attending Grow Conference.

Grow Conference is behind us for this year, but there is still plenty of training and resourcing ahead through Grow Online! If you just attended Grow Conference and are looking for your next step, this post is for you. 

Grow Online offers thousands of resources and trainings that are easily accessible to you - so where do you begin? 

First off, if you haven’t signed up yet, we strongly encourage you to sign up at Sign up is quick, easy, and free - so there’s no need to wait! 

Once you’ve signed up for Grow Online and are ready to begin, check out these tips below to get started!

Watch Courses.

Courses are collections of videos led by Highlands Staff that give in-depth training on practical ministry areas like Weekend Services, Student Ministry, and more. Every course lasts around one hour and can be completed at your own pace. 

We recommend getting started by viewing the following courses through Grow Online:

1. Weekend Services Introduction

This course is a great place to start! As Pastor Chris said at Grow Conference, healthy Weekend Services is one of the most important areas in a church. If people don’t know God, they can’t find freedom, discover purpose, or make a difference, so creating an environment where people can experience the presence of God and have the opportunity to enter into a relationship with Him is key.

2. Small Groups Introduction

After people come to know God, they can begin finding freedom - so we encourage you to check out the Small Groups structure next! Small Groups are the tool we use to help people find healing through meaningful relationships. This course gives a deeper view of the idea of Small Groups, the “free-market” system, and more.

3. Growth Track Overview

This course led by Pastor Layne Schranz gives the history and an overview of the previous Highlands Growth Track model. Pastor Layne covers topics like how to practically start a Growth Track, how to promote it, and more. Please know that the newer version of the Highlands Growth Track is still in the process of being created, but this video will give you a good idea of a place to start!

4. Dream Team Introduction

After watching how to build an assimilation process through the Growth Track Overview, we encourage you to then watch this course on the Dream Team, Highlands’ amazing volunteer base! In this course, one of our Highlands Campus Pastors will walk you through the structure of the Dream Team, volunteer development, and more. 

These courses will simply give you a more in-depth look at the systems that Pastor Chris introduced at Grow Conference. After watching these four courses, feel free to explore all of the courses on Grow Online! We have more courses on the areas listed above, as well as courses on topics like Prayer, Church Government, and more!

Download Resources.

Grow Online also offers thousands of downloadable resources that you can customize and use at your church for free. Here are a few resources we think would be beneficial for you as you begin your journey with Grow:

Weekend Services

We have hundreds of series’ elements, special moment elements, vendor lists, and more under our Weekend Services category on Grow Online, but we think that these resources will be most applicable for your church during this time: Reopening | In-person Gathering Playbook Reopening Service Signage

Small Groups

While Small Group ministry may look a little different these days, it has never been more important. When looking at beginning a Small Groups ministry, here are some resources that you may find helpful: Small Groups | Leader Training Pastoral Care Small Groups Ministry Team Guide Utilizing Technology for Small Groups Fresh Start Small Group Curriculum

Growth Track

As we mentioned earlier, the Highlands Growth Track is currently in the process of being revamped. However, we would love for you to check out these resources on the Growth Track that we hope will be beneficial for you as you're creating an assimilation process for volunteers at your church: Growth Track | Hosting Growth Track | Videos Growth Track | Book 2017 Growth Track Team Development Virtual Growth Track Experience Update to Highlands Growth Track - 6.18.20

Dream Team

A healthy volunteer base is vital for a healthy ministry. Once you’ve explored the resources available for establishing the Growth Track at your church, consider using these resources as you begin to form your team: Dream Team | Team Leadership Dream Team | Onboarding Dream Team | Serving Resources Team Celebration

Tip: Be sure to utilize the “Content Type” and “Categories” features on the left-hand side of your screen as you search for resources! Selecting a content type and category will narrow your search results so that you can find the resources you need with ease.

Once you’ve had a chance to go through these resources and feel confident to implement these systems into your church, we invite you to explore all that Grow Online has to offer!

Connect With Our Team.

Outside of Grow Online, we also encourage you to connect with our team by following us on Instagram (@growleader) for updates, new resource releases, and more. If you see something you like, let us know and share it with your friends! 

We also want you to know that we are here for you! Email our team at if you have any specific questions about the systems that were covered during the conference or if you’d like assistance in finding additional resources on Grow Online. 

As always, we love to celebrate with you - so if you have a story to share about what God has done in your church or team since Grow Conference, share your story with us online at!

Our vision is to see the local church grow in every community.

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