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Weekend Services Introduction

Church of the Highlands exists to help people know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and make a difference, and the way that the team helps people know God is through offering Weekend Services. 

Weekend Services are, first and foremost, an evangelical environment. Sure, many people who attend on Sundays are members of Highlands and have been believers for years, and the team definitely wants to make sure they get something out of the experience; however, the primary focus of Weekend Services is reaching the lost, and at Highlands, there is an opportunity every Sunday for an unbeliever to step into a relationship with Jesus.

To create a safe and encouraging environment for people to take the next step in their walk with the Lord, the team strives to ensure that every service at Highlands is:

1. Authentic.

What you see is what you get. There’s nothing “fake” about joy. Every person is the same on Sundays as they are Monday through Friday.

2. Engaging.

Have some fun! Every person can interact with the service and participate by worshipping, taking notes during the message, and connecting with other attendees.

3. Relatable.

What you hear on Sunday will still be applicable on Monday morning. The message is intentionally designed to relate to where people are at that moment and give them helpful tips that they can use every day.

4. Powerful.

The worship and message aren’t for “show.” Every Sunday, the power of the Holy Spirit is invited into these services because if God doesn’t show up, nothing happens. People walk into services one way, and our prayer is that they leave entirely different because they had a powerful encounter with God.

5. Inspiring.

Nothing is boring about church. Every service component, from worship to the message to special elements, is created to inspire people and encourage them to, wherever they are on their walk with the Lord, take one step closer to God.

By making sure each service has these components, people can worship freely and connect with God personally.

Wanting to learn how to create these elements in your weekend services, as well as learn more about the Weekend Service structure and flow at Highlands? Check out the Weekend Services Introduction course on Grow Online!

Our vision is to see the local church grow in every community.

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