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Virtual Volunteer Serve Opportunities

While it may be a while before churches can meet together again, there are still plenty of ways that your volunteers can serve within the church.

Below are a few virtual serves that Highlands has created for their volunteers (Dream Teamers) to be a part of in addition to virtual Small Groups during this time:

Prayer Team

Volunteers are encouraged to be a part of the prayer team by praying for specific needs every day, or by being a part of the prayer team that prays during every service. The prayer teams at Highlands are currently meeting via Zoom during every service to serve together by covering the service through prayer and worship.

Pastoral Care Call Team

While Highlands encourages every volunteer to be a part of the Pastoral Care team during this time by leading Small Groups and taking care of their Small Group members, there is also a serve opportunity for high-level Dream Teamers to help answer phone calls and take care of people who call into the church.

Campus Host Team on Facebook Live Events

During this time, Highlands Campus Pastors are hosting virtual lobby experiences before and after online services via Facebook and Instagram Live. While Campus Pastors are responding to questions left in the comments during their live videos, it is also helpful to have people in the comments interacting with people through posts. This is an excellent serve opportunity for high-level volunteers to serve and “host” individuals who are attending church online!

These are just a few ideas for Dream Teamers to serve the church during this time. However, we know that there are thousands of ideas out there, and we encourage you to find serve opportunities that work best for your teams and church! 

For more ideas on ways that your volunteers can serve during this time, as well as some fun ideas for serve opportunities outside of the church, check out the resource below on Grow Online!

Highlands Dream Team - Ways We Can Serve During COVID-19

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