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Virtual Lobby Experiences

Over the past few weeks, Highlands has been hosting virtual Lobby experiences through Facebook Live and Instagram Live. These experiences are designed to create a relational touchpoint before and after each service and are hosted individually for each campus.

If you’re looking to begin a virtual lobby experience for your church, here are a few tips that the Highlands team has learned so far:


There is a lobby experience that takes place for each campus both before and after each worship experience. A staff member from each campus, generally the Campus Pastor, will go live from the campus’s Facebook page and his personal Instagram account. Once live, people will engage with the staff member through the comment section. Here’s a loose outline of each experience:

Pre-service Lobby Experience

  • Begins 15 minutes before each worship experience

  • Lasts around 5-10 minutes

  • Host touches base with the congregation and encourages them to invite a friend to watch the service with them

Post-service Lobby Experience

  • Takes place immediately after the worship experience

  • Lasts between 10-15 minutes

  • The host discusses the message with the congregation

Usually, the campus will only keep two videos (a pre-service and post-service video) archived from each Sunday so that people can go back and watch them.


For these experiences, there is no agenda other than to create an environment where the congregation from each campus can connect. Most hosts will ask questions in their video like:

  • What's been the best part of your week? 

  • Who are you inviting to watch the upcoming service?

  • What did you get out of today’s service?

  • What’s your favorite snack to eat while watching church online?

After asking questions, they will respond to the comments sent in and give people shoutouts throughout the experience.


For Highlands, these videos are shot by each host on his phone at his home, office, or somewhere casual. These experiences are meant to feel raw and real, so there is no production or lighting equipment involved. Some hosts even include their spouse and children in the videos to relate to the families that are watching on the other side of the screen. In the end, this experience is designed for connection and encouragement, and it is easier to connect through authenticity. 

Here are a few examples of virtual lobby experiences at different Highlands campuses:

Grandview Campus - Pre-service Experience

Tuscaloosa Campus - Pre-service Experience

Riverchase Campus - Post-service Experience

Oxford Campus - Post-service Experience

To find more information on hosting online experiences, check out this video by Highlands’ Online Campus Pastor, David Russell, on Grow Online!

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