Utilizing Events for Small Group Interaction

You’ve heard it before - life-change happens in the context of relationships. 

Small Groups aren’t just something that a church “does.” In the end, Small Groups are who we are - we’re not a church with Small Groups; we’re a church of Small Groups. This means that everything we do is centered around getting people connected to life-giving community through groups - including hosting events.

At the core of what they are, events are a catalyst for life-change - and since we believe that life-change happens in the context of relationships through Small Groups, at Highlands, all events are designed to promote and grow the Small Group ministry. 

At Highlands, there are four main “teams” or categories for Small Groups:

  • Marriage & Family

  • Students

  • Men

  • Women

This means that every year, there are events that promote each of these teams. Annually, Highlands hosts a Marriage Conference, MOTION Student Conference, Men’s Night, and Girls’ Night - along with other events that are represented by Small Group subcategories, such as Prayer, Outreach, and more. 

With that being said, if you’re looking to create an impactful event at your church, we encourage you to design it around your Small Group structure. To get started, here are a few suggestions:

1. Identify your Small Group categories.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to identify categories that your Small Groups represent. As we said previously, Highlands offers four main categories for groups along with subcategories in each, but your Small Group teams structure could look any way you want it to!

For more information on identifying teams for your groups, check out the Small Groups Introduction course on Grow Online!

2. Determine what events are most important.

You can’t do everything - but you can do something. Take some time and determine what events are most important for you and your church. This can be determined by the Small Group teams that matter most to you. For example, if you’re an inner-city church that offers many Small Groups on outreach, you may want to consider having an event centered on outreach and outreach Small Groups.

3. Create a clear path from the event to Small Groups.

At every event, make sure that Small Groups are promoted loud and clear! Post it on social media, mention it in messages, let it be a topic of conversation - even consider having Small Groups as a part of your event! At the end of the day, make sure that people are given a clear next step on how to join a Small Group that is the perfect fit for them.

Utilizing these tips as you plan events will help you gain the maximum effectiveness from your experiences. By promoting Small Groups through events, you’re creating something much more impactful than an experience that lasts a few hours; you’re creating an opportunity for people to find freedom through relationships that will last a lifetime! 

For more information on hosting events and implementing Small Groups at your church, check out these resources on Grow Online:

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