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Touch-Free Water Baptism

One unique challenge that the church has faced during this time is safely conducting water baptism. Like many of you, Highlands has done its best to come up with a safe and creative way to still give a meaningful baptism experience to individuals - all while being touch-free.

If you’re looking for some tips on where to get started or how to facilitate a touch-free water baptism of your own, check out these steps below for some ideas! 

Please note that this is the system that Highlands has found successful in adhering to Alabama health guidelines and personal convictions.

1. Offer Registration for Baptisms.

In an attempt to be as prepared and safe as possible for each individual wanting to be baptized, we encourage you to offer registration for your water baptism experiences before they occur. This can take place in-person at your church on Sunday, over the phone, or online.

2. Schedule Baptisms by Appointments.

Once an individual registers for water baptism, have someone from your team reach out to that person to schedule a baptism appointment. This will help ensure that there is plenty of time between individuals to clean the equipment, as well as allow for physical distancing between the groups that the individuals invite to witness their water baptism.

3. Create a Fun and Safe Water Baptism Experience.

Once individuals are registered and scheduled, the fun begins! Below is an overview of the check-in and baptism processes that Highlands has put in place for touch-free water baptism experiences:

Check-In Process

When an individual arrives on site, he will be greeted by a team member and then checked-in for his appointment. He will receive baptism clothes in a singularly packaged kit and will change into them.

• Baptism Process

The individual will then walk into the baptism tank and the pastor will give an overview of baptism and pray for the participant from outside the tank. The participant will then self-baptize and his picture will be taken by family or a Dream Team member, and then he will exit the tank.

For an in-depth overview of Highlands COVID safe measures for baptisms, baptism kits, and more, check out this resource on Grow Online:

Touch-Free Water Baptism Guide

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Please know that these recommendations were crafted in adherence to the health and safety guidelines for the state of Alabama, and these documents are being updated periodically on Grow Online. The content of this blog may not be the most recent information on this subject, so please consult your own state and local officials when making similar plans for your church due to COVID-19.

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