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Setting Expectations with Your Team for Reopening

As we all prepare our churches and teams to have in-person gatherings again, it is also essential that we prepare our hearts and minds as leaders for what reopening will look like. No matter what church looked like for you before COVID-19, we must all understand that when we go back to meeting in-person, things will be different.

Different isn’t bad, but if we expect too much, we’ll end up feeling defeated. Instead of expecting church to look the same, let’s set logical and graceful expectations that will leave us feeling grateful for whatever happens when we open our doors again. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set expectations for reopening:

1. Get in rebuilding mode.

You built the church once. You can build it again. Remember how it felt to plant your church in the first place and go back to that grit, innovation, and excitement. Don’t expect everything to look like the way you left it; there will be some things that have to be rebuilt, and that’s okay.

2. Don’t get discouraged.

When you return to in-person gatherings and realize what has changed for your church and congregation, don’t get discouraged. Keep meeting, keep innovating, keep trying. Be obedient to the mission God has called you to, and He will bless it.

3. Have some fun.

While we are in a life-or-death business, don’t get too serious! When things don’t go as planned or when you have to rebuild a team, have some fun doing it. Laugh a lot, stay positive, and make people feel needed and known.

In the end, give yourself room to grow, fail, and rebuild. We’re all figuring this season out together! Set realistic expectations and expect things to be different, but know that “different” may just be the biggest blessing your church has ever received. 

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