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Measuring Online Momentum

One of the main indicators for reopening sooner or later is the health of your church online. If your church has a good amount of momentum meeting virtually, it may be best to decide to wait to reopen until guidelines are less strict. If your church is struggling with the online platform, it may be best to go ahead and open up your building doors and take the necessary precautions for people to attend in-person.

If we’re basing our decisions on our current momentum, then we need to know some ways to see how our church is doing online. Below are three areas that we encourage you to consider measuring when trying to gauge the online momentum of your church:

1. Giving

Your church’s giving is the most significant indicator of your momentum. Consider asking these questions to gauge the health of your church’s giving:

  • What is my church’s current monthly income? 

  • How does it compare to the giving in previous months in 2020? 

  • How does it compare to the average giving for your church before COVID-19?

  • What are we expecting it to be in the months to come?

2. Engagement

If we’re not careful, we can get used to being comfortable with the number of views we get on a Sunday morning and consider that our “weekly engagement.” However, views on a Sunday do not adequately represent the number of people we’re actually pastoring during this season. While it’s essential to measure the views your church services receive, here are some other areas to look into to gauge the health of your church’s engagement and pastoral process:

  • Next Steps How many people have filled out a virtual connection card? How many people have completed your church’s assimilation process? How many people are joining serve teams?

  • Subscribers How many subscribers has your YouTube channel received? How many people have allowed notifications on Facebook for when you go live? 

  • Followers How many followers are you gaining on social media? How many followers are you losing on social media? How much engagement are you receiving on your social media posts (likes, comments, shares, etc.)?

3. Virtual Small Group Participation

Life-change happens in the context of relationships (even virtually!), so another clear indicator of your church’s health during this time is your congregation’s participation in Small Groups. To measure your momentum in this area, consider asking questions like:

  • Have our Small Group numbers increased or decreased?

  • How many new Small Groups are being added?

  • How many people have we served through Small Group serve projects in the past few months?

  • How many Small Group leaders are excited to keep leading?

  • How many Small Group leaders are asking for a break?

For more information on virtual Small Groups, check out the Preparing for Summer Small Groups resource.

To find additional resources on planning for reopening, check out the Preparing for Reopening resource, as well as thousands of other resources on Grow Online!

Our vision is to see the local church grow in every community.

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