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Five Focuses of a Leader During Crisis

As leaders, there are a lot of things that are fighting for our focus during this time. Because there’s a lot to think about and consider, especially as reopening is drawing closer, how do we know what should be getting most of our attention?

While we cannot speak specifically to what your priorities should be at the moment, we’d like to encourage you with the list below as a way to filter your thoughts and plans as you prepare for the days ahead.

Here are five healthy focuses of a leader during a crisis:

1. Managing My Life - Spirit, Soul, and Body

As previously mentioned, great leaders can only lead others when they lead themselves well first. During this time, do not neglect your own spiritual, emotional, and physical health in an attempt to help someone else’s. Focus on managing your spirit, soul, and body every day to be healthy so that you can help others be healthy, too.

2. Seizing the Opportunity of a Crisis to Help People

While it’s evident that churches all over the globe are focusing on outreach during this time, there is always more to do! This is the Church’s greatest hour; let’s make the most of it and continue to find innovative and intentional ways to help people during this time.

3. Fulfilling the Vision in the New Reality

Just because the circumstances have changed doesn’t mean that the vision of your church has changed. Your vision is still the same, but the way you accomplish it may have to change due to the current times. Remember: Vision is set; systems can change.

4. Maintaining Financial Health with Frugality and Generosity

COVID-19 has taken a toll on many of our congregations’ financial health, which in return could take a toll on our churches’ finances. With that being said, we must focus on how to be good stewards of what we have while also realizing that this is one of the best times in history for the local church to be as generous as it can be.

5. Developing a Plan to Reopen Sooner and Later

Again, only you can decide what’s best for your church when it comes to reopening, and every church will have to use it’s own filters when evaluating when they’re ready to reopen (see Preparing for Reopening). However, we encourage you to think through multiple reopening plans for your church - some for sooner, some for later. Consider asking questions like the following:

  • What would church look like if we reopened next week?

  • What would church look like if we reopened next month?

  • What would church look like if we reopened in the fall?

  • What would church look like if we reopened next year?

By planning for all of these scenarios, you and your church can be ready for whenever the time comes to reopen.

We hope these focuses help you align your thoughts during this time so that you can make the most of the opportunities that you’re currently presented with. As always, check out Grow Online for more resources on leading during this time!

Our vision is to see the local church grow in every community.

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