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Engaging Your Congregation Throughout the Week

While we all know and believe that ministry happens every day of the week, before COVID-19, most of our attention as pastors and leaders was directed to creating excellent Sunday experiences. 

However, it is becoming more evident that while excellent Sunday experiences are essential, unique and impactful content is needed throughout the week as well. Currently, the best way we can do this is through posting and going live on social media.

“Drip” Content

“Dripping” content is a technique that many churches have been using during this time. Instead of making Sunday’s message the main focus, you can hit on a topic for a few minutes, and then unpack it throughout the week through Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or another platform of your choice. 

By “dripping” content, you are encouraging your congregation to stay connected throughout the week and think about and put into practice the application of the topic every day.

What Makes Content Engaging?

There are thousands of ways to keep your congregation engaged throughout the week online, and whether or not you use the “drip” content method, here are some things to keep in mind as you create online content:

  1. Make it relatable. There’s no need to over-produce these videos or posts. Right now, mostly everyone is still working from home, so a video filmed in your living room, kitchen, or home office will show your congregation that you’re in the same boat as everyone else! 

  2. Make it memorable. Currently, there is a lot of church content floating around online. What will make your congregation want to watch yours? Try to find fun and exciting ways to make your content stand out. Not only will this attract more of your congregation’s views, but it’ll also encourage people to share it with others! 

  3. Make it a movement.  People are looking for things to do. Make sure that the content you bring throughout the week has a purpose and encourages them to do something impactful with their day. While we love connecting with people online, there should be a physical and outward expression of your time together in some way, whether that’s sending a text to a loved one or passing out meals at a serve project!

By doing your best to provide relatable, memorable, and practical content throughout the week, you are giving your congregation a way to stay connected to you and your church during this time, as well as encouraging them to make a difference in their community!

For more information on how to engage your congregation, as well as other leadership resources, check out Grow Online

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