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Communication to Volunteers

Even with the online format that most of us are currently experiencing, there are still many ways that volunteers and Small Group leaders in our churches can serve and lead. They might not be able to participate in a “Sunday serve,” but during this time, we guarantee that your people are looking for ways to help. With that in mind, we encourage you to reach out to your volunteers and Small Group leaders periodically with updates, needs, and serve opportunities. 

The team at Highlands has been reaching out regularly to their volunteers and Small Group leaders to offer some guidance and encouragement as they lead and serve during this season. Because the majority of ministry at this time is happening through Small Groups, the volunteers and leaders must be kept up-to-date and encouraged. 

A typical email from the Highlands central team to volunteers (Dream Team) and Small Group leaders about COVID-19 has consisted of the following:

  • Encouragement

  • Updates

  • Tips/opportunities for serving

  • Contact for questions

Each email has also consisted of a video from a Highlands staff member, most likely Senior Associate Pastor Hamp Greene, who oversees Next Steps. This video provides a personal touch to all volunteers and Small Group leaders and reiterates the content of the email in video format. 

While video format works best for the Highlands team, it may not be what works best for you - and that’s okay! The way that you choose to communicate is entirely up to you and your team. You could make a video using your iPhone, or you could pick up the phone and individually call each leader and volunteer. Either way, the most important thing is that volunteers and Small Group leaders are reminded that they’re needed and known.

To see the email sent to the Highlands Dream Team on March 19, 2020, click here.  

To see the email sent to Highlands Small Group Leaders on March 23, 2020, click here.

You can also find examples of the video communication from these emails below:

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