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Building a Legacy Team

How do we fill the gap between the vision that God has called us to as pastors and leaders and what we can currently financially afford?

Building a Legacy Team is a great way to begin accelerating the vision that God has given you for your church. However, this is no small endeavor. Building a Legacy Team will take time, energy, and resources, but it will be worth it in the end. 

What is a Legacy Team?

The Legacy Team is a serve team for those who are called and equipped to finance the Kingdom of God and to leave a legacy. Members of the Legacy Team serve the church through giving, and the team is offered as a team people can join when they go through the Highlands Growth Track. Those who choose to be on the Legacy Team do not set the vision for the church; that's the pastor's job. However, those on the Legacy Team can set the pace at which that vision is fulfilled, and that is why having this team is essential.

Why Should I Have a Legacy Team?

Legacy Teams aren't about money; a Legacy Team is designed to help business people and professionals fulfill the calling that God created them to do. Out of all the spiritual gifts in the Bible, the gift of giving is the one that can help accelerate the vision of the church, and this not only helps the pastor; it helps those who give feel like they're making a difference.

How do I Start Building a Legacy Team?

On Grow Online, you can find a full 8-step training on building an effective Legacy Team at your church from Pastor Lee Domingue, but here's the first step to get you started:

  1. Commit.  When starting a Legacy Team, ask yourself the following questions: Am I building a Legacy Team as a fundraising strategy? Am I, as the senior pastor, fully committed to building a Legacy Team? A Legacy Team is a pastoral endeavor, not a fundraiser, that requires the senior pastor's complete support. If the senior pastor is not committed to building this team, it will not work. Once the top-level leadership is supportive, it will trickle down to the other leadership layers and, eventually, reach members and volunteers as an opportunity to serve. From there, we can begin to build the team.

Find out how to build a Legacy Team in eight steps HERE: Building a Legacy Team

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