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4 Focuses for Church Online

As you begin to plan your strategy for church online for the upcoming weeks, we want to encourage you to specifically focus on several aspects of your church and how you will continue to minister to people through them during this time.

Here are just a few areas that Highlands has chosen to focus on:

1. Prayer Services.

Our team is choosing to focus on the power of prayer, and Highlands is encouraging its congregation to do the same. Highlands will be live-streaming a prayer service every Saturday morning at 9:00 am CST, and we would love for you to join us!

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2. Weekend Services.

Whether it’s an actual service recorded at your church location or a video of your senior pastor in his living room, the most important thing to remember is that we are gathering people for church on the weekends. We encourage you to find a platform and flow that works best for you.

3. Children's Services.

The team at Highlands believes that it is important to keep our little ones engaged over the next few weeks as well, and we want to encourage you to do the same! The Highlands Kids team has produced six weeks worth of children’s church content that is available to you through Grow Online and the COVID-19 Resource Page.

4. Small Groups.

While groups cannot physically meet at this time, there are still plenty of ways for people to stay connected. Encourage your Small Group leaders and teams to reach out to people via phone call, FaceTime, or text message.

More information on these areas, as well as Highlands’ online approach to them, can be found in the video below.

Our vision is to see the local church grow in every community.

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