3 Steps to Starting Your Special Needs Ministry

With 1 in every 5 children having a special need, offering a Special Needs Ministry at your church could be a crucial step for you to take to reach your community more effectively - but how do we know when we’re ready to offer one, and how do we get started?

For a full overview of launching and sustaining a healthy Special Needs Ministry, we encourage you to watch the Special Needs Ministry course on Grow Online! But in the meantime, here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Wait for the need.

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re at the point to begin a Special Needs Ministry at your church. However, if not, we encourage you to wait to launch one until the need arises. While it may mean that a family will have to wait a few months for a specified ministry for a loved one, it also means that your volunteers and leaders will be newly trained and resourced to offer the best ministry possible. Since this is an area that requires intense training and serving, it is best to wait for a family who needs it rather than starting one “just because.”

2. Train a leader (or two).

Once the need arises and you’ve identified that launching a Special Needs Ministry would be an excellent next step for your church, a great place to start is training up a leader (or two) to run the ministry. Pay attention to people in your church who have expressed interest in this area, have personal experience with a family member or friend, or have received formal training in this area.

Remember: If God reveals a need, He will provide a way to fill it - meaning that someone in your church is a perfect fit for your Special Needs Ministry team!

3. Build your team.

After you’ve identified a handful of leaders for the area, begin building your team! Recruit, ask questions, and start training these individuals to serve in your Special Needs Ministry. Consider recruiting team members that have expressed interest in your Children’s Ministry, as serving in this area may be a great next step for some of them.

Once you accomplish these first steps, you’ll be ready to start getting down to business in creating your Special Needs Ministry! As we mentioned earlier, you can find practical tips and strategies for team building, recruiting, and launching a Special Needs Ministry on Grow Online today! 

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