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21 Days of Prayer - How to Keep the Momentum Going

Right now, many of us are coming to the close of a dynamic season of prayer and fasting through 21 Days of Prayer. As you and your church have taken the past few weeks to pray, fast, and seek God together, we believe that God began to stir up a desire for prayer like never before. 

As we step into this next season as the Church, we wanted to give you some practical next steps on how you can continue to create a culture of prayer and fasting among your congregation to keep the momentum from 21 Days of Prayer going long after the three weeks have passed!

1. Share Stories.

People focus on what is celebrated, so be sure to share any impactful 21 Days of Prayer stories you have with your congregation! If you keep stories of life-change in front of them, they’ll be more inclined to continue participating in prayer and fasting.

2. Host Saturday Morning Prayer.

If your church enjoyed meeting together for 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, we encourage you to keep the momentum going by offering Saturday Morning Prayer at your church! Highlands hosts Saturday Morning Prayer every Saturday from 9:00 AM CT to 10:00 AM CT to pray over our church services, cities, nation, and world. 

If you’d like to begin Saturday Morning Prayer services at your church, here are a few resources on Grow Online to help you get started:

Saturday Prayer Flow

Pray First Personal Prayer Guide

Kids Prayer Guide

3. Create Prayer Teams and Small Groups.

Chances are, during this time of prayer and fasting together, some people at your church found their calling to pray! One of the best things you can do as you transition out of this season of prayer is to offer opportunities in your church where people who feel called to pray can continue to serve and connect together. 

Whether you’re just getting these prayer teams and Small Groups started, or you’ve had them for years, here are a few resources on Grow Online to help you out:

Prayer Team - Service Prayer and Prayer Shield

Prayer Force Leader and Participant Guide

Prayer - Day 22 Small Group Curriculum

As we hear all the time - it’s not about how we start; it’s about how we finish

With that being said, let’s commit to seeing this season of prayer and fasting end well so that we can continue the momentum we built during 21 Days of Prayer into the next season of our churches!


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