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As you prepare for your online Easter services, we wanted to give you some practical tips and tools that you can use both in the planning process and during the actual experience itself. 


All of these resources and examples are available to you as is, but we encourage you to look through them, find what’s best for your church, and make them your own!

Easter Service Logistics

These resources are available to help you as you plan the logistics for your online Easter experience.

Service Flow Example

Here you can find a service flow created through Planning Center from a past Easter at Highlands experience. While some moments may not be available for online experiences (i.e. meet and greet, in-person giving, etc.), we encourage you to look through this service flow example and use it as a guide for planning your Easter service.

Children’s Easter Service

A full Easter experience from the Highlands Kids team is available for you to share with your church families! Simply follow the link above, download the video, and share it with your congregation through your website, an email, or any form of communication that you find beneficial. For a full selection of children’s services that lead up to Easter Sunday, check out the Online Children’s Services resource

Worship Sets

Downloadable and shareable live worship sets from Highlands Worship are available for you to share with your congregation! If you’re having trouble streaming or recording worship sets, we encourage you to download and use one of these sets as a way to begin your Easter experience!

Download Worship Sets Here

Screen Slides

These graphics line up with the creative and promotional pieces so that there can be consistency with your Easter service branding. We suggest using these slides as background images, cover images, or any other way you would like during your service!

ABCD Slides

These ABCD slides are visuals that follow the ABCD Survey (located below under “Easter Salvation Moments”). These slides give your viewers a visual of the options they can choose during the survey.

Easter Special Elements

Once you have your logistics down and your plan in place, we get to have some fun! Below are a few suggestions and resources for special elements that you can add to your Easter experience to make it more memorable.

Easter Opener

If you’re looking for an impactful way to hold people’s attention at the beginning of your service, we encourage you to consider using this “Easter Opener” that the Highlands Creative team made. Highlands used this element, as well as other special features in the past, to serve as a transitional piece to different portions of the Easter experience. 

To access more Easter Specials ideas and resources, click here.


Communion is one of the sacraments that is practiced most often during Easter, and while your church may not be able to participate in person, there are plenty of ways to have communion online! Below are a few tips for having a successful online communion element:

  • Communicate to your congregation ahead of time.
    If possible, we encourage you to get the word out to your congregation ahead of time through email or social media that you will be having communion together during the experience. This gives them plenty of time to get together something to eat and drink in place of the normal crackers and juice most churches provide. It is also important to note in this communication that the elements are not what make the sacrament holy, but what makes it holy is that we are honoring and remembering Jesus.

  • Share scripture.
    Because there will probably be more people joining you for communion since it’s online, be sure that you explain what the practice is and why we do it through Scripture. Here are a few verses you can look to for guidance:

    • Exodus 12:13 NLT

    • 1 Corinthians 5:7 NIV

    • 1 Corinthians 11:26 NIV

  • Pray.

We encourage you to pray throughout your communion element, specifically thanking God for the blood and body of Jesus. As always, be sure to end the moment in prayer as well. This will also serve as a good transition into the next portion of your Easter experience.

To watch an example of an online communion experience from Pastor Chris Hodges, click here

Easter Salvation Moments

The logistics and special elements of an Easter service are all designed to lead up to the biggest moment of your service: the salvation moment. While you know the best salvation moment flow for your church, below are a few tools that Highlands uses during Easter services to capitalize on the moment and help people get connected:

Digital Connection Card

Linked is an example of the online connection card that Highlands has created. While people may not be able to fill out a connection card in-person, Easter is still a vital time to get people’s information so you can know how to pastor them best! We encourage you to take the content of the connection card and form a digital version that you can share with your viewers. Here are a few form options:



We suggest embedding a form into your church’s website for easy access and a seamless look. However, you can always share a link to the form on your website or in a caption to guide your viewers there as well. There are other platforms available for online forms, but these have worked well for the Highlands team in the past, and there are free options available for each platform! 

Connection Card.2020-04-02 15_42_21.gif

ABCD Survey

Every year at Easter, Highlands passes out an ABCD card in place of the normal connection card (attached above). Used during the salvation moment, this card serves as a “spiritual assessment” that not only helps people get connected but also helps the team at Highlands gauge the spiritual health of the church as a whole. Here’s what ABCD stands for:

A. I’m already in a real relationship with Jesus.

B. I’m beginning a real relationship with Jesus.

C. I’d like to consider it a bit more first.

D. I don’t ever intend on making that decision. 

If you’d like to use the ABCD Easter survey at your church in place of a normal connection card, we suggest watching this explanation video from Pastor Chris Hodges that will help you navigate leading this moment.

Download All Resources Here

We hope you find these resources beneficial as you plan for your Easter experiences! For more information on this topic, check out this ARC webinar featuring Pastor Dino Rizzo about planning for Easter services.

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