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Easter is right around the corner, and we know that you are busy preparing for your Easter experiences. Due to COVID-19, Easter services may not look like we initially thought, and we want to do everything we can to help you prepare for a powerful weekend! 
While you’re planning, we want to help you get the word out to your community about your online Easter experiences. Below, you will find some intentionally designed and branded resources that you can post or use for inspiration as you begin promoting your online Easter experiences. Click the yellow arrows to access and download these resources.

Using social media is a quick and easy way to get a message out to your community! Below are some graphics that you can use on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and more, to promote your Easter services. We encourage you to edit the files to fit your church’s style and information so that you can clearly communicate your online Easter experience plan to your people. 


Facebook Header

This can be a simple way to get the word out about your Easter services to your community by changing the header on your church’s Facebook page. Also, the team at Highlands has found success in linking Instagram posts with Facebook posts so that people can get the same information on both platforms. 


Social Posts

These are graphics that you can edit and post about your church’s online experience. We also encourage you to consider using some images from past Easter services or weekend worship experiences to promote as well. 

As you and your team begin posting and promoting for your Easter experience, here are some tips that the Highlands Social Media team has found helpful in promoting for online gatherings:

  • Make sure everything you post mentions “online.”
    We encourage you to make sure that your graphics, socials, and captions clearly indicate that your Easter experience is happening online only to avoid any confusion. Clarity is key!

  • Set clear guidelines for posting.
    When sharing socials or graphics with your staff or congregation, be sure to give them some guidelines for how to post. Consider asking them not to edit, crop, or add text to the graphics you provide, as this will create a seamless Easter promotion look for your church.

  • Repurpose content.
    If your church had a special Easter moment in years past, post about it! It will bring back good memories of this season as well as build excitement among your congregation for the weeks to come.

  • Encourage users to generate their own content.

People connect more with a face than with a graphic, so encourage your congregation to post pictures of their own online church experiences or Easter experiences from the past and use your church’s hashtag in the caption.

  • Have fun with it.
    Social media is a place to meet people’s needs, and right now, people need hope and joy. Don’t be afraid to play on the fact that we’re all celebrating Easter Sunday from home rather than together in-person; it’s okay to make some lighthearted jokes! Instead of ignoring COVID-19, find a way to be real but also bring joy at the same time.

A personal invitation goes a long way! We may not be able to invite someone to join us for Easter physically, but we can always send them a text or post inviting them to join us online!

EXAMPLE_Easter_Virtual Invite Card.jpg

The virtual invite card was specifically designed to be sent through email or text to someone as an invitation to an Easter experience. While you can post it on social media, the Highlands team has found that it is better to send these cards personally. If you want to post on social media, we encourage you to post one of the social graphics provided above and then use the content of this card in the caption.

Email campaigns are a great way to get the word out to your congregation that your Easter services are going online! You can also utilize an email campaign to give your congregation action steps and equip them to lead and invite during this season. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Encourage people to invite others.
    Since your Easter experiences are online this year, people will be able to attend from anywhere at any time! Encourage your congregation to invite their friends and family to join them for this online experience.

  • Attach some social graphics and the virtual invite card.
    By attaching these to the email, your congregation can post and share them with their communities! You can attach them by using the “attach file” feature through your email server, creating and sharing a Dropbox link, or another way that you have found beneficial in sending items to your congregation!

  • Provide a special hashtag.
    In your email, mention a specific hashtag that your church wants to use to promote your Easter services (Highlands is using #EasterAtHighlands). Using this hashtag will create unity among your congregation as they post, as well as give you an easy way to search social media and see what kind of promotion is happening for your Easter experiences.

Email Header Designs
Here are some email headers that you can add to your Easter email communication to keep the look consistent with your posts. To see an example of an email you can send to your congregation, click here.

While the timeline may be short, if you’re looking for some printed resources to hand to people physically, we’ve got you covered! Highlands has been using the following pieces recently as invites during outreach projects. However you wish to use them, we encourage you to consider utilizing these print pieces as a way to invite others to join you online for your Easter experiences. 


Invite Cards

These invite cards are a print version of the virtual invite cards above. Designed to be printed front and back on business-sized cards, these invites can be easily edited to include your church’s specific information and are an easy way to promote your services! 


Water Bottle Labels

One way the team at Highlands has found some success inviting people to Easter services is through attaching these labels to water bottles when they do outreach. If your church is participating in any outreach activities, that is a great opportunity to extend an invite! For some more outreach ideas, check out the How to Serve Your Community During COVID-19 resource. 


Download All Resources Here


These are all resources that the Highlands team has found to be successful in the past, but we encourage you to take these and make them your own! You know what’s best for your community, and we want to support you in any way we can!

Our vision is to see the local church grow in every community.

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