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In a time like this, keeping people connected to the church is vital to both their health and your church’s health. Below are a few suggestions on great next steps for your church to keep growing spiritually, as well as some ideas about pastoral care and sermon series after Easter. 
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We believe taking next steps is an essential part of a person’s walk with Christ. While it may look different during this time, it is still important to help people take next steps in their spiritual journey. Even though your church’s process for spiritual growth may look different than Highlands’ process, we encourage you to check out some suggestions below that the Highlands team is using to help people take next steps during this time:

Salvation Letter

This letter is mailed to everyone who makes a decision to follow Christ through the online connection card that Highlands offers. This version of the letter was specifically designed to introduce the person to virtual next steps that they can participate in right now and is signed by the senior pastor.


Small Groups

The Highlands team has found that the best next step to offer right now to their congregation is to join an online Small Group. During this time, Small Groups serve as the frontline of ministry, as well as the relational aspect and introduction to the church.

For more information on leading and implementing virtual Small Groups at your church, check out the How to Utilize Technology for Small Groups resource.

Post-Easter Pastoral Care

For some people, their next step may simply be to get help. Due to COVID-19, pastoral care at Highlands looks a bit different than it used to, but the team is still available to help people and pastor them during this time. While many needs may be arising, here are the three groups that the Highlands team is focused on caring for during this time:

  • Visitors
    Engaging with visitors during online services and following up with them post-service ensures that they won’t slip through the cracks during this time we’re spending online.

  • Church Members
    What’s most important right now is taking care of the people who call your church home. We encourage you to get a team together, set a plan, and reach out to your congregation to see if any needs need to be met.

  • The Community
    Even though focusing on individuals is important, as the Church, we are still called to take care of and serve our communities as well. Even with the gathering restrictions, each church can still find ways to serve their communities by connecting with local officials and encouraging their volunteers to serve their homes and neighborhoods.

For an overview of the current pastoral care process at Highlands, check out the Post-Easter Pastoral Care resource.

We know the past few weeks have been all hands on deck, and we want to help you in any way we can! If you’re looking for some sermon series ideas following Easter, we encourage you to check out the below series from Church of the Highlands. You can access the handouts from these series below to formulate your own notes, or you can download the messages directly and share them with your congregation!

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God of Miracles

Length: 3 Messages

Topic: Designed to lead up to Easter, this sermon series covers the miraculous power of God and the miraculous works He has done through Jesus.

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What’s Next?

Length: 4 Messages

Topic: This sermon series is designed to help people take next steps in their spiritual walk with God. 

Sermon notes for this series are linked above for free, but you can also find more resources, including a Small Group curriculum and DVDs on this topic, here.

Download All Resources Here


As always, these tips and resources are a reflection of what Highlands has found successful. In the end, you know what is best for your church and community, so we encourage you to pick and choose what you want and make it your own.


We hope these resources serve you well as you put the finishing touches on your post-Easter game plan!

Our vision is to see the local church grow in every community.

© 2020 Church of the Highlands

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